Identifying Hazards and Potential Issues in Your Home

We understand the value of a thorough home inspection. Whether you’re buying, selling, remodeling or building a home, we have the expertise to identify hazards and potential issues before they become huge problems. View our gallery below to learn what to expect after scheduling a home inspection with Peachtree Home Inspections, PLLC.

"I couldn't recommend Peachtree Home Inspections any more highly. Shawn was on time, professional, and extremely thorough in his home inspection. He walked me through every aspect of the house and pointed out issues with their relative severity and ease of repair. he saved me from closing on a house that had foundation issues and mold/termites in the crawlspace. I used him to inspect the next house I contracted and the inspection was of the same quality as the first. Every issue and concern he noted in his inspection report was addressed by the seller, saving me a load of headaches and money down the line. He is very meticulous in his inspections and there's nothing that gets past him, no matter how small! "
Andrew C

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